Best vice golf balls (Beginners to advance) player reviews 2021

Popular brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, Srixon, or Callaway are producing great golf balls. So, why should you choose Vice?

Well, all the popular brands tend to produce quality material but at a high price, whereas Vice is a kind of brand that will ensure quality but at an affordable price. So, why the hell you should not pick up from ‘Vice’ that is at the same time cheap and capable of ensuring great quality?

To make you believe about the quality of the Vice, here, in this article, we have gathered six best ‘Vice’ golf balls that should satisfy you to a great extent.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls will be the winner of today's section.

Best vice golf balls

1. Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

The winner of today's contest is Vice Pro plus Golf Ball.

One of the most essential elements that you would notice in a good quality golf ball is the perfect trajectory production. The lower ball flight trajectory production with dual casing layout of this Pro plus Golf ball should provide you extra control and consistency in the golf course.

In the practice session or the main game, distance is always an important factor. The distance optimized feature with 4-piece cast urethane cover in this particular golf ball is going to make sure that you get the maximum distance possible within your true potential.

A great ball also shows great greenside control. The S2TG technology attached to this great golf ball will provide excellent green-grabbing control that you can’t but love.

The dimple of the golf ball greatly influences the spin production. That is why it is necessary to add convenient dimples on the golf. This one with 336 dimples should be perfect in that case.

Key Features

  1. Dual casing layout for lower trajectory production.
  2. 4-piece cast urethane cover for optimized distance.
  3. Great greenside control with S2TG technology.
  4. 336 dimple pattern.
  5. Lower launch and lower spin production.

2. Vice Golf PRO 2020

Our runner up in this list is Vice Pro Golf Balls.

This one is a great energy producer with the 3-piece cast urethane cover construction.

We know that whenever you go for choosing a new golf ball, the first question that you ask yourself is whether the ball is going to get the maximum distance or not when you are using a longer driver or iron. Well, the high energy speed-core technology (HESC) attached to this golf ball should ensure the true distance within your true potential.

Like the previous one, this one is also going to have S2TG technology to provide you great greenside control over the ball.

The enhanced feeling and lower spin and trajectory production of this golf ball is worthy to make it a great competitor against all the high-range brand available there.

This one will have 318 large-sized dimple patterns that will produce precise and stable trajectory control.

Key Features

  1. 3-piece cast urethane cover construction.
  2. More distance with high energy speed-core technology (HESC)
  3. Great greenside control with S2TG technology.
  4. Enhanced feeling with lower spin and trajectory production.
  5. 318 large size dimples for precise and stable trajectory.

3. Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

In the third place, we have brought for the Vice Pro soft golf ball, which is popular for its soft construction.

The lower compression system added to this particular item makes this one the softest golf ball possible with the perfect responsive feel.

With a longer driver or iron club, the 3-piece cast urethane cover construction is going to produce the maximum distance possible.

Like most other Vice golf balls, this one is also going to have a high-speed energy core to add further distance.

Having bright visibility of the golf ball can help to discern the golf ball in the course. The matte neon lime finishing of this golf ball should give you relief in that case.

To have better control over the spin, trajectory, and launch, the 336 dimple pattern should be more than convenient.

Key Features

  1. Perfect feel with a lower compression system.
  2. 3-piece cast urethane cover.
  3. High-speed energy core.
  4. Bright and high visibility with matte neon lime finishing.
  5. Perfect spin, trajectory, and launch with a 336 dimple pattern.

4. Vice Tour Golf Balls

Completing this whole article without suggesting a tour inspired golf ball from Vice won't look appropriate. So, in the fourth place, we have brought for you the Vice Tour Golf Balls.

Durability should not be a matter of fact if you own this golf ball. The 3-Piece DuPont Surlyn construction makes this item extremely durable and classy for better performance.

This one should be a great inclusion if you are looking for a golf ball that is going to provide great speed in every stroke you make. The soft energy core system of this item is going to provide maximum distance and feel at the same time.

The dramatic increment of dimples (392) in this tour inspired golf ball is going to improve the aerodynamics to a great extent so that you can keep the ball smooth in its trajectory.

The soft construction of t this one is going to provide great greenside control so that you never have to miss any great opportunity to put the ball into the hole.

Key Features

  1. Tour-inspired
  2. Extremely durable with 3-Piece DuPont Surlyn construction.
  3. Maximum speed with the soft energy core.
  4. Enhanced aerodynamics with the 392 dimple pattern.
  5. Great greenside control.

5. Vice Drive Golf Balls

Vice Drive Golf Balls will remain in fifth place on this list.

For those who can’t generate great speed or have a low to medium club-head speed, this one can be the solution for all of them.

The extremely tough and cut-resistant soft-core construction of this item is going to generate great ball speed, even if you are struggling with your swing.

The construction cover material of this golf ball is DuPont Surlyn cover, which should be great both for feeling and consistency at the same time.

Another benefit of having this item is that you will be able to make perfect alignment with the highly visible “Keep in Line” (KIL) putting line.

Finally, the enhanced aerodynamics with the 368 dimple pattern will make sure that the ball remains smooth in its trajectory.

Key Features

  1. Suitable for low to medium clubhead speed.
  2. Great ball speed with extremely tough and cut-resistant softcore construction.
  3. DuPont Surlyn cover material enhances feeling and consistency.
  4. Perfect alignment with highly visible “Keep in Line” (KIL) putting line.
  5. Enhanced aerodynamics with 368 dimple patterns.

6. Vice Golf Ball Select Variety Pack

In the sixth and final position, we have brought for you a variety pack from Vice that is going to include 2 of each of the golf balls that we have discussed above.

Buying this package is going to provide you the extract of playing with every kind of golf ball that you would find in the market.

If you want to find out a product that is going to provide a variety of options to choose the product that suits you the best, then this one should be the perfect item that should be in your repertoire.

Key Features

  1. Variety pack
  2. Urethane cover
  3. 2-Vice Pro Plus,
  4. 2-Vice Pro,
  5. 2- Pro Soft,
  6. 2-Vice Tour,
  7. 2-Vice Drive

Short buying guides

vice golf ball

In this particular section, we tell about the things that you need to consider while buying any related to the article. Today, we will be discussing the five most essential things that you need to consider while buying a new golf ball.

Compression core:

Looking at the compression core of the golf ball should get the highest priority because it determines whether you are going to get the expected distance or not. Choosing a low-compressed golf ball might boost up the distance level, whereas choosing a high compressed golf ball might reduce the distance or would require more expertise to get the distance that you are expecting.

Construction material:

The construction material of any golf ball is such an important factor that it determines the durability, speed, consistency, and even every slight to important issues that can help to do a better performance. While choosing a golf ball, you will find from two-piece construction to 4 piece layer construction material. The more the layer the better it should be.

Trajectory control and spin production:

This is by far the most important factor that you should not miss looking at. The lower the spin production the longer distance the ball should go. While confirming the purchase, make sure that the ball has perfect spin and trajectory control features. To ensure that feature, you might look on the internet about the reviews that people are sharing regarding different balls so that you can find the appropriate one for you.

Dimple pattern:

In the previous section, we have talked about looking at the spin and trajectory of any golf ball. To ensure spin and trajectory, looking at the dimple construction is also important. All these dimples greatly help to enhance the aerodynamics of the golf ball so that the ball can stay smooth in its trajectory. The more dimples the better the ball should be. We would recommend you to choose an item that has more than 350 dimples on the golf ball.


The final thing that you should look at is the price of the ball. Choosing from Vice can give you a boost in that case because they tend to have perfect quality but at an affordable price than most other expensive brands.

Vice golf ball history

Vice Golf started its journey in 2012. It was in 2015 that Vice Golf brought its marketing in the USA. You may not have heard about Vice Golf, but slowly and steadily they are approaching the competition with a great motion. The motto of Vice Golf is to produce great golfing equipment at an affordable price. And this policy is helping greatly to boost their popularity.  Vice Golf was founded in Germany in 2012 by Ingo Duellmann and Rainer Stoeckl. And, now in 2020, only in 8 years, it has shown its existence to the entire world. To minimize the cost of the golf ball, they directly take orders online and ships the product to the customer’s threshold. As a result, they need not search for vendors who will sell their products. Instead, they are digging their own canal to cultivate fish. It is being prophesized that in the next 10 years, Vice Golf is going to compete with most of the popular golfing manufacturers including Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist.

Are vice golf balls good?

 To judge the quality of any Vice Golf ball, we would highly recommend you to try one of the five golf balls that we have discussed above. The most shocking truth is that people who have played with a vice golf ball for once have never stopped playing with them. And, many amateurs to PGA tour players are also loving playing with this ball. Maybe, it’s the time for you to try and to decide whether you love the product or it is just worth hating only.

Which one is better? Vice golf or Snell Golf ball?

Well, well, if you love talking about golf and golf equipment, then this might be an interesting topic for you. We won't say out loud the answer to this question. It will be a task for you guys to decide which one is better. We are just here to compare two of the best items from each of the manufacturers to help you to decide better.

We are here comparing the Vice pro with the Snell MTB/ MTB X-Key.

Vice pro

Snell MTB/ MTB X-Key

3-piece construction

3-piece construction

High energy speed-core

Smaller and low compression core.

Cast urethane cover

Thicker and firmer mantle layer.

Dimples with enhanced aerodynamics.

Aerodynamic design.

Available in white, yellow, and red.

Available in white and yellow.

vice pro vs pro plus

There are not so many differences between the vice pro and pro plus. For your better convenience, we would like to mention to you that-

  • The first and significant difference between these two is the layer construction. Pro-plus is going to have four-piece urethane layer construction, whereas the pro will have a three-layer construction.
  • Another difference is the variation of the dimples. The vice Pro is going to have 318 dimples on the ball, whereas the Pro-plus is going to have 336 dimples.

The rest of the features should be more or less the same.

Final words

Vice golf might not be that popular, but the quality that this company is ensuring should make them a giant golf equipment manufacturer in the upcoming 10 years or so on…

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