Best Odyssey putter reviews 2021

Odyssey putter has been leading the putter industry for a long period of time and people hardly complain about the quality of Odyssey.

The wide variety of face designs and the multi-material construction make them a worthy choice for every type of player. Besides, the tour-proven design allows every individual to have their share.

If you are looking for a great Odyssey putter to buy, then in this article, we have added seven best Odyssey putters that would help to boost your performance to another extent.

If scanning through the whole article is tough for you, then we have our best pick that you may think about choosing without any sort of hesitation at all.

Among all the products, Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter, Blackis our top pick for today for the inclusion of the white-hot insert and the confirmation of higher accuracy.

If you want all the other products to give a try, then you are welcome!

Best Odyssey putter

1. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter, Black

Key Features

  1. The white-hot insert
  2. Meticulous performance
  3. Consistence performance with the laser milling insert.
  4. Maximum forgiveness and response with the heel/toe weight placement
  5. Higher accuracy with the perfect alignment.

One of the most beneficial features about this putter is the re-engineered white hot insert that will ensure great sound, feel, and performance.

Consistency while putting can be tough, but the laser milling insert cutting process will provide consistency in every stroke.

Another great attachment to this putter is the heel/toe weighting system that will provide maximum forgiveness and response.

Putter without a great alignment system is nothing but a waste of money. The contrasting alignment aid on this putter should be the worth of your money.

Finally, the confirmation of meticulous performance makes this putter a great choice for every player looking for balance on the green.

2. Odyssey O-Works Putters

Key Features

  1. The micro hinge face insert
  2. Available in seven different shapes.
  3. Multicolor options
  4. Counter core technology
  5. Tour proved head shape.

Looking for a putter that will ensure great feel and sound at the same time? The attachment of micro hinge face insert in this great putter should please you to a great extent.

The availability of seven different head shape variations allows you to choose from a wide range of options.

The multi colors options, on the other hand, allow you to choose with the traditional black and alternative red color.

Consistency is not a matter of fact with the counter core technology adapted in this Odyssey putter.

Finally, the tour-proven head shape creates scope for all types of players according to their needs.

3. Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter

Key Features

  1. Nine different styles
  2. Oversize/pistol grip
  3. Triple track alignment
  4. Multi-material shaft.
  5. White-hot micro hinge insert.

This stroke lab triple track putter is available in nine different styles to choose from according to the need of yours.

The oversized or the pistol grip will, again, going to enhance the comfort zone to a great extent.

Thinking about alignment? No worries! The triple track ball-alignment lines attached to this putter are going to make sure that you get the perfect alignment on every occasion.

4. Odyssey Red Ball Putter

Key Features

  1. Perfect alignment
  2. White-hot insert
  3. Comes with a headcover
  4. Mallet shape for enhancing consistency
  5. Budget-friendly.

In this present era, where you have to spend around 500 dollars to get a quality putter, this one is completely different that comes with a budget-friendly feature.

The most beneficial part about this Red Ball Putter is the perfect alignment feature that this one ensures. People having this product never complain about the quality of the alignment.

The exceptional face design with the attachment of a white-hot insert is going to produce great contact sound and feeling on every occasion.

This one is available in a mallet shape to increase the consistency level of your putting.

The matching head cover provided with this one is going to protect your putter from damage and deterioration.

5. Odyssey Works Putters

key Features

  1. Available in five different styles
  2. Micro hinge face insert
  3. Aesthetic black finish
  4. Tour-proven shapes
  5. Head cover available.

 This one is available in five different head shapes that you may choose from.

The micro hinge face insert will be quite beneficial to have a better sound and consistent feeling.

The aesthetic black finishing gives it a sleek look that you would love for sure.

The tour-proven shape design opens up options for different types of players.

Finally, the head cover provided with Odyssey Works is going to protect it from damage or deterioration.

6. Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter

Key Features

  1. stroke lab shaft
  2. The tip heavy graphite and steel shaft construction
  3. White-hot micro hinge embedded
  4. Consistency with the additional weight on the grip
  5. Three lines alignment.

One of the major beneficial characteristics of this stroke lab putter is the stroke lab shaft that will make your experience great while putting.

The tip heavy graphite and steel shaft construction is going to provide the exact amount of torque that you will be needing while putting.

Dozens of embedded white-hot micro hinge insert is going to provide great contact sound and consistency.

Another major benefit of this putter is the additional weight on the head and butt of the grip that will help to get consistency in every stroke.

Finally, the three lines alignment should be the worth for having a perfect ball and club alignment.

7. Odyssey Golf Stroke Lab Women's Putter

Key Features

  1. Two different styles
  2. Innovative multi-material stroke lab shaft
  3. White-hot micro hinge insert
  4. Tour-proven
  5. Elegant black PVD and coating

This one is available in two different styles of head variations that you may choose from.

The innovative multi-material stroke lab shaft is going to ensure the perfect balance and consistency in every stroke.

The white hot micro hinge insert, like most other Odyssey putter, is going to provide great contact sound and feel.

The tour-proven feature, again, is going to allow options for every skilled player.

If you are looking for elegance, then the black PVD and coating finishing of this Odyssey putter should be the worth of the choice.

Odyssey putter history

If you are playing golf for a long time, then there is a high chance that you know about Odyssey, or maybe, you are right now playing with an Odysseyputter. But, do you have any idea when Odyssey Sports published their first putter?

Odyssey, for the first time, introduced their putter in 1991, which was a mallet putter with Stronomic metal. Since then Odyssey never fails to make players happy with their special putter. Many professional-level players are still trusting on Odyssey putter for having a great putting experience. In 1996, Odyssey released another great putter that added extra fuel to its popularity. The urethane insert with a steel construction made this putter trustworthy to its consumer to a great extent. Right now, there is no doubt about the fact that Odyssey is leading the top chart when it is about producing quality putter.

The specialty of odyssey putter/why you should choose an odyssey putter?

Odyssey putter

Odyssey putter

Why do you think Odyssey is leading the putter industry for a long time? Many factors can be classified that are adding fuel to its popularity. Down below are some of the facts and specialties of every Odyssey putter.

  • The insert of every Odyssey putter is engineered with great material and technology that ensures great contact sound and feeling making every golfer happy.
  • The head design of every Odyssey putter is quite unique which is conversely the most essential material that every player looks at.
  • The shaft design is another great aspect of the Odyssey putter that is working heart and soul to enhance popularity.
  • The specially modified construction material of every Odyssey putter makes it more durable and forgiving in every aspect so that you get the authenticity to use them for a long time.
  • Another most important feature of the Odyssey putter is the specially modified grip that Odyssey attaches with every product. As a result, players using it can get the authenticity to have a more comfortable feel and consistency. The perfect synthetic material of the putter adds convenience to it to a great extent to make it a great product that is a complete worth of the budget.

Buying Guides

There are at least five most important things that every person should consider while buying a new putter. Otherwise, the quality of their performance on the golf course may deteriorate to a great extent. they are-

1. Head design

Looking at the design of the head is the most important pre-requisite that you should be looking at while buying a new putter. In that case, Odyssey can always be a great option to choose from because they are available in a great variety of options. Make sure whether you want a mallet putter or a blade putter.

2. Shaft

The shaft of any club greatly determines whether you are going to get a consistent distance or feeling or not. Make sure the putter that you are aiming to buy has a great shaft construction design. Otherwise, it is quite probable that you are going to suffer in the long run.

3. Face insert

 Who does not love to hear a great contact sound while putting? If you want consistency and great contact sound, looking at the insert of the face is more than necessary.

4. Grip

Thinking about having great feeling while putting? Make sure the putter that you are aiming to buy has a great grip. The grip of any putter enhances the feeling to a great extent. While looking at the grip, you must make sure that it has perfect quality material.

5. Construction material

The final thing that you might look at while buying a new putter is the overall construction material of the putter. A good construction material enhances the probability of durability so that you get the chance to use them for a long period of time.


Which professional players use Odyssey putters?

Many professional-level players are trusting on Odyssey for a long time. These are some of the professional players who are playing with the Odyssey putter- Webb Simpson,Tommy Fleetwood,  XanderSchauffele, Marc Leishman, etc.

Why are Odyssey Putters the best?

This is another most common question that most of the people would like to know. Odyssey putter has been ensuring quality for a long time. The inclusion of the great construction material with a balanced head and shaft design makes its quite durable and trustworthy to its consumer. If you are not having an Odyssey putter, maybe you are missing the features of the most convenient putter in the world.

Who makes the Odyssey putter?

People most of the time doubts about the individuality of the Odyssey putter regarding the question if it has any contract with Callaway or not? The answer is that in July 1997, Callawy Golf purchased Odyssey sports with a budget of 130 million US dollars. Since then Odyssey Sports is selling putter under the guidance of Callaway.

Does Odyssey provide a putter head cover with the purchase?

In most of the cases, Odyssey sports putter provides a head cover with the purchase so that you can remain sure about the safety of the damage and deterioration of the head. In case you are not having one, maybe it’s the time.

Final words

Odyssey has been leading the putter industry for more than 30 years, and it is quite certain that they will continue doing so for another couple of years. The most common question that every people ask quite often is why does every Odyssey putter be special? In case you are also asking the same question, we would like to mention to you that, start playing with an Odyssey putter, and you will be able to realize the difference by your own self.

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