Best Mizuno golf irons all time reviews 2021

Mizuno is one of the best-renowned manufacturers that are producing golf clubs. When it is about the Mizuno iron golf club, you can trust the product without any doubts.

Many professional players have been using Mizuno iron for a long period of time, and most importantly, they all are satisfied with the service of the product.

In this article, we have gathered 5 best all-time Mizuno iron club that you can trust without any sort of hesitation. We have also added a buying guide and a faq section that might help you choosing your perfect products and may provide some answers regarding your queries.

Among all the products, Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set Series is our best pick for today.

With a  perfect stability frame and multi-compound component adaptation of the club will produce everything that you need in an iron golf club.

Besides, the great contact sound and consistency of the club will produce more comfort than ever.

If you would like to find out the rest of the best Mizuno iron club set, you may tune with us for a couple of minutes.

So, without making any further delays, let's get started with our products.

Mizuno golf irons all time

Best Mizuno golf irons all time

1. Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set Series

Undoubtedly, one of the great iron clubs that you will get from Mizuno with its Grain flow 1025E mild carbon steel chassis.

12 g tungsten toe of the club will give you the freedom to launch with a great variation.

Titanium muscle spread weights of the club will ensure maximum forgiveness.

2ND Titanium muscle pad allows a narrower sole specific to the short irons.

KBS s-taper stiff shaft and multi-compound component variation have made it trustworthy to its consumers.

Key Features

  1. 1025E mild carbon steel chassis.
  2. 12 g tungsten toe
  3. Titanium muscle spread weights
  4. 2ND Titanium muscle pad
  5. KBS s-taper stiff shaft and multi-compound component

2. Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Golf Iron Set

The high strength weight ratio and malleability of the club will provide you enough comfort while playing.

Chromoly 4140M gives the club a high strength face and bendable hosel for fitting.

The stability frame of the club is enough for having a perfect launch.

This club is expected to make great contact sounds, and the vibration reduction system of the club is pretty much satisfactory.

A one-piece cup geometry will provide enough speed while hitting with the club.

Chrome plating and pearl finishing of the club has given it a bright look.

Key Features

  1. High strength weight ratio and malleability
  2. Chromoly 4140M
  3. Stability frame
  4. Great contact sound
  5. Vibration reduction
  6. One-piece cup geometry
  7. Chrome plating and pearl finishing.

3. Mizuno JPX919 Forged Golf Iron Set

CNC milled from the sole up of the club will increase ball speed, and the JPX919 forged boasts a larger area of minimum face thickness will provide maximum consistency.

The stability frame of the club will produce great launch and stability while hitting.

This club will make great contact sound with every stroke, and the vibration reduction system of the club is very much satisfactory.

Grain flow forged HD will increase the grain of the club.

The inclusion of boron with the club components has made it stronger than ever.

The pearl brush finishing of the club increases the brightness of the club in the sunshine.

Key Features

  1. CNC milled sole
  2. JPX919 forged boasts for consistency
  3. Stability frame
  4. Great contact sound and vibration reduction system
  5. Stronger with boron
  6. Pearl brush finishing.

4. Mizuno JPX919 Tour Golf Iron Set

As like most other Mizuno iron club, this one will also provide stability frame for ensuring perfect launch and stability.

Grain flow forged HD adaption of the club increase its grain density for a consistent and comfortable feel.

The contact sound of the club is pretty real, and this club will produce a great distance capability.

This one will also have pearl brush finishing like most other Mizuno golf clubs.

Steel shaft material and stiff flex of the club should provide you enough comfort.

Key Features

  1. Stability frame
  2. Grain flow forged HD adaption.
  3. Great contact sound and distance capability
  4. Pearl brush finishing
  5. Steel shaft and stiff flex.

5. Mizuno 2018 MP-18 Multi-Material Construction Golf Iron Set

Steel shaft material and stiff flex of the club will provide enough comfort while hitting with the club.

The multi-material construction of the club has made it a unique iron.

1025E mild carbon steel head of the club will produce enough force for taking the ball to a great distance.

This club will have Satin nickel, non-glare, chrome finishing for providing you enough comfort.

This club is mostly trusted to its consumer for producing great contact sound and perfect balance.

Key Feature

  1. Steel shaft and stiff flex
  2. Multi-material construction
  3. 1025E mild carbon steelhead
  4. Satin nickel, non-glare, chrome finishing for providing you enough comfort.
  5. Great contact sound and enough comfort.

Buying Guides

Iron clubs are a great way to idealize your way of playing, but there are many people out there who find it tough to choose a great iron club.

This buying guide section is for those who are struggling to buy a great iron club.

In this part, we will be showing you the 5 things that you should consider while buying your iron club…

1. Shaft and flex of the club

When you are aiming to buy a new iron golf club or a set, the first thing that you should look at is the shaft and flex of the iron.

Shaft and flex variation of the club greatly determines whether you are going to have a comfortable feel or not while hitting with the club. Besides, it provides you excellent swing movement and distance that you are looking for.

Probably steel shaft and stiff flex are the good combinations that you can choose while buying your new iron club. notwithstanding, graphite shaft material can also be another great choice that you may look for

All the Mizuno iron clubs that we have discussed in this article should be the great choice when considering the flex and shaft of the club.

best mizuno irons

2. Stability

Another thing you might look at while buying your iron club is the stability of the club.

The more stable your iron club will be, the more comfortable you will feel while playing with the club.

All the Mizuno clubs are very much trusted to its consumer for producing greater stability.

We won't say that you should not try others. The reality is that you should try more so that, you can find the differences between the best and the average.

3. Club head

This is the place that is going to produce leverage when you strike the golf ball.

Looking at the clubhead material is mandatory while buying your new iron golf club.

An iron club head will have materials like steel or solid iron, and sometimes, it is possible that there will have a combination of different materials.

When choosing your iron club, make sure you know the basic things about a club head otherwise you may suffer in the long run with your iron club.

mizuno irons head

4. Spin and contact

With the variation of loft angles or spin, the types of iron club change.whenever you will go for choosing your iron club look at the loft angles and spin variation of the club. That is how you are going to choose the right iron for your needs.

Another thing you might look at is the contact of the club with the golf ball.

Does the club make enough contact with the ball? Does the club produce great contact sound?

These are things that will produce a great feeling when you will play with your iron golf club.

5. Price

Yes! Looking at the price is necessary when you are thinking about buying your new golf club.

We know that even if we don’t talk about this matter, you are going to think about the price of the club at the time of buying the club.

But looking at the price at first can be dubious. Giving too much concentration at a price may provide you a material that is of low quality.

We encourage you to look at the price after you choose the right-fit material for your needs.

Don’t compromise the quality. Quality is the exact thing that is going to provide you freedom.


These are some of the questions that we get most when it is about Mizuno products. we hope this frequently asked question section will provide you the answers that you are looking for…

1. How good are Mizuno irons?

If you google about Mizuno products, you will notice that this company is leading the golf club industry for many years. All these became possible for its greater services to its customers and for their great products. If you are doubting the quality of Mizuno golf clubs, you may search the list of pro players who are using the Mizuno golf club.

2. How long do Mizuno irons take to deliver?

Well, the expected time span for delivering a product is about 4-5 business days. But, during this pandemic situation, it may take some more to deliver the products.

But it should not take more than 7 workdays.

3. How long do Mizuno irons last?

Well, if you take great care of the set, it is expected to last for a whole lifetime.

But, if you are using it roughly or too much heavily, probably it would last for around six to seven years.

4. How many PGA players use Mizuno irons?

The approximate number of PGA players who are using Mizuno iron is not exact. But there is no doubt about the fact that the number is obviously more than 20.

5. what pros use Mizuno irons?

Well, many PGA players love to play with Mizuno irons including Eddie Pepperell, Luke Donald, Chris Kirk, Keith Mitchell, Adam Schenk, Lucas Glover, Oliver Fisher, Jhonattan Vegas

Final words

The iron club sets that we have mentioned in this article are not mostly our own choice, rather they are the good -reviewed iron club set across the internet for all time.

If you have any doubts about the quality of the products, you may search for professional players who are actually playing with the Mizuno iron club.

Players and consumers across the whole world are trusting Mizuno because they actually are trustworthy, and if you have any doubts, its time you start giving it a trial.

We can assure you that you are going to love these products unconditionally.

There are hardly any doubts about the quality and standard of any Mizuno golf club.

They have been the good and they will remain the great in the future as well.

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