Best golf distance finder reviews 2021

Monopolizing the skills of golf is not an easier task to accomplish. But if you own a rangefinder, the task is going to be easier. Considering all these things in mind, we, all the time, suggest the best relevant items that are going to make your life simpler and easier.

As always, today, we have brought for you the seven best distance finders that you can choose from if you are thinking about buying a new rangefinder.

If you feel like you won't read the whole article, then we have our best pick for you that you may think about if you truly want to buy a new product and happily go away. We believe, choosing from the list will benefit you because they all are the best sellers, and they satisfy their consumers for a long time.

Among all the products, Bushnell Pro XE is our best pick for today for its outstanding features and technologies.

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Best golf distance finder

Top pick

1. Bushnell Pro XE

A great device from Bushnell will tons of features and utilitarian tools.

2. Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder

Nikon is slowly approaching in the market of the rangefinder, and this one is a great example of their advancement.

3. Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

If it is about rangefinder, you will find the Bushnell rangefinder everywhere. This Tour V4 will not baffle you by any means.

4. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

If you want quality and portability both in a rangefinder, then this one should be the exact choice.

5. Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

This Hybrid rangefinder from Bushnell is going to provide you a service like a hybrid giant.

6. Precision Pro Golf, NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder,

With the title, you can guess that this one is going to ensure the precision of the accurate distance parameter.

7.  Gogogo Laser Rangefinder for Golf & Hunting Range Finder

This rangefinder is suitable for every kind of event, including golfing, hunting, and bow hunting, etc.

Best golf distance finder

1. Bushnell Pro XE

When it is about quality, Bushnell should always satisfy you. Bushnell’s patented slope technology is going to provide you the exact and compensated distance to get the best out of it.

The jolt technology now will ensure when you will lock the flag with a red ring vibration.

The bite magnetic mount technology of the device will make sure that you can mount it anywhere you want to.

The waterproof metal housing of the device is going to ensure perfect gauging of the distance.

Besides, the 3D flyover view, up to 36000+ pre-loaded courses, and hole layouts with distance is surely going to increase your productivity.

Key Features

  1. Patented slope technology
  2. Jolt technology
  3. Bite magnetic mount
  4. Waterproof metal housing
  5. 3D flyover views and hole layout distance.
  6. Pre-loaded with 36000+ courses.

2. Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder

Stabilization is always a great problem when locking the flag. But, this special rangefinder from Nikon is going to give you a smooth and stabilized feeling with the stabilized technology.

The slope adjusted parameter of the distance will suggest to you how far you should hit the ball for taking it into the target.

The ID(INCLINE/DECLINE) technology of the device is going to indicate the actual distance parameter for a greater experience.

The locked on technology will notify you when the device will lock the flagstick so that you can hit with confidence.

The continuous measurement of 8 seconds throughout the target distance and the commencing area is surely going to provide you the pin-point distance parameter that you can expect from a rangefinder.

Key Features

  1. A great stabilization technology
  2. Slope adjusted parameter.
  3. The ID(INCLINE/DECLINE) technology
  4. Notification when locked on
  5. Continuous measurement of 8 seconds.

3. Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

Another great laser rangefinder from Bushnell. The pin seeker with jolt technology is going to notify when the device locks the flag with a vibration to eliminate all the doubts.

The LCD with 5X magnification is going to ensure the comfort of finding accurate distance.

When it is about the accuracy, this device will not dissatisfy you. This rangefinder will be able to gauge an accurate distance from 5-1000 yards.

Though there is no slope technology, the fast focus system is going to ensure accuracy.

Besides, the 3D layout, hole layout distance, and pre-loaded 36000+ courses are going to ensure the quality of range finding.

Key Features

  1. Pin seeker with jolt technology
  2. LCD with 5X magnification
  3. Can gauge 5-1000 yards accurately
  4. Fast focus system
  5. 3D layouts, hole layout distance, pre-loaded 36000+ courses, and many more.

4. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

This is our fourth recommendation from TecTecTec. You can choose this rangefinder for its clarity and sharpness of the lenses.

The 6X magnification and 7 degrees of field view are going to ensure that every one possessing this great device gets the exact parameter of the distance.

The pin-seeker technology attached to the device is going to provide the accurate distance parameter that you are looking for with the target lock technology.

The Lightweight and compact design of this rangefinder make it portable. Besides, the water-resistant feature, zipper, and closure make it more beneficial than ever.

This device can range an accurate distance of around 540 yards, and the continuous scanning mode of the device should not baffle you.

Key Features

  1. Clarity and sharpness of the lenses.
  2. 6X magnification and 7 degrees of field view.
  3. Pin-seeker technology.
  4. It is portable with a lightweight and compact design.
  5. Continuous scanning mode.
  6. It Can range 540 yards accurately.

5. Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

This one comes with an integrated laser/GPS display.

Two battery support (one is for laser and another one is for the GPS) is going to make it long-lasting and useable for a long time.

The pin-seeker jolt technology of the device is going to notify you every time after locking the flag position.

This one can ranges to 400+ yards distance accurately to the flag, and over 1000 yards to the courses.

5X magnification, 3D flyover view, Bluetooth for auto course updates, and pre-loaded 36000+ courses are going to make your experience great with the device.

Key Features

  1. Integrated laser/GPS display.
  2. Two battery support within one device.
  3. Pin seeker jolt technology.
  4. Can gauge around 1000 yards accurately.
  5. 5X magnification
  6. 3D flyover view of the whole course, Bluetooth connection for course updates, and 36000+ courses.

6. Precision Pro Golf, NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder

This one is from Precision Pro, and the pro-slope technology of the rangefinder is going to provide an accurate distance every time.

The pulse vibration technology attached to the rangefinder will notify with a vibration after gauging the exact distance.

The 6x magnification and crystal clear optics of the rangefinder is surely going to make your experience great with the rangefinder.

This one comes with a water-resistant feature allowing you to play even in the worst weather condition.

You will also get a lifetime battery replacement warranty with the purchase in case the battery deteriorates.

Key Features

  1. Pro-slope technology for precision.
  2. Pulse-vibration technology for accuracy
  3. 6X magnification and crystal clear optics.
  4. Water-resistant
  5. Lifetime battery replacement warranty.

7. Gogogo Laser Rangefinder for Golf & Hunting Range Finder

This one is our last recommendation, and this one is from GOgogo. This one will also ensure slope technology for measuring the accurate distance.

This is an ideal rangefinder not only for golfing but also for hunting, bow hunting, and other professional application.

This special rangefinder is loaded with technologies that should intrigue one easily. Continuous reading, ARC (angle range compensation), Pin-Seeking, and Flagpole-Locking Vibration are such technologies that are going to ensure the precision of measurement.

The 6X magnification feature and accurate measurement from 5-650 yards should make you happy unconditionally.

Besides, the multicoated lenses, focus on display, and 1-year replacement warranty should come as a bonus feature that will make your experience intriguing.

Key Features

  1. Slope technology for the precision of measurement.
  2. It can be used in golfing, hunting, bow hunting, etc.
  3. Loaded with technologies (Continuous reading,ARC, Pin-Seeking, and Flagpole-Locking Vibration)
  4. 6X magnification
  5. Accurate gauging of around 5-650 yards
  6. It comes with multicoated lenses, a focus on display, and 1-year replacement warranty

Buying Guides

In this particular section, we, all the time, talk about the things that you should consider while buying a relevant product. Today, we are going to show you the five most important things that you need to think about when you are aiming to buy a new distance or rangefinder.

1. Precision of measurement

There is no doubt about the fact that the precision of accuracy is the most important feature to consider before buying a new rangefinder. The attachment of different technologies like slope mode, pin-seeker, continuous reading, etc. are going to ensure the precision of accuracy.

So, for the next time, when you will go for buying a new rangefinder, never forgot to look at such kinds of technologies. Otherwise, you will have to regret in the long run.

2. Battery support

Another most important feature that people very often misses out is looking at battery efficacy. If the battery support of your device is not ideal, there is a high chance that you have to suffer in the course.

Choose a device that will ensure great battery performance so that you can concentrate on the quality of your playing rather than worrying about when the battery will die out.

3. Display

No one will argue with this statement that the display of a GPS device is one of the most important factors that everyone needs to look at before confirming their purchase.

Whenever you will go for buying your new GPS device, make sure it has a bright touch screen display with enough brightness.

If the brightness of your GPS device is not that satisfactory, you won’t be able to read all the data in bright sunshine.

4. Tracing features

Many GPS devices can track information regarding your distance, rounds, swing movement, or track record.

Whenever you go for buying a new GPS device, it would be ideal to look for all those features in your device too.

These are the things that can improve your quality of playing.

5. Price

The price of a distance finder is an important factor that one should consider before confirming their purchase. But it is the quality that should not be considered for the sake of the price.

Ensuring both the quality and price of the device will give you the perfect intriguing advancement that you are expecting from a rangefinder.

Golf Distance Finder FAQ

1. What is a golf rangefinder?

  • A golf rangefinder is a device that will give you the parameter of distance from one place to another so that you can decide the approach that you should take for getting the optimum distance.

2. How to read a golf distance finder?

  • After locking the position, a rangefinder will show the distance on display. Just simply by looking at the device will do the task for you. There are some other devices also available that will tell you the distance aloud.

3. How does a golf laser rangefinder work?

  • The laser rangefinder, at first, omits a laser light from the device. Then a calculation device attached to the device counts the time it takes to reach the distance, and with this exact time, it determines the accurate distance of the flag or any targeted point.

4. Slope vs non slope golf rangefinder?

  • Slope rangefinder will always remain ahead than a non-slope device because of the precision that it provides. On the other hand, a non-slope rangefinder can also be a greater choice if you are playing on a flat surface.

Final words

A distance finder or a rangefinder is a must-have item if you would like to monopolize the skills of golf. Throughout this whole article, we have gathered distance finders possible for beginners to the professionals. We have done extensive research for finding all these rangefinders, and so far, consumers are satisfied with all these products.

If you also are thinking about buying a new rangefinder for improvising your golfing skill, then choosing from our list, we believe, will greatly benefit you. if it does so, we will consider it our greatest success.

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