Best golf cart lift kits for Ezgo, Yamaha and club car reviews 2021

Many people prefer having a lifting kit to make the cart attractive, whereas to many others, having a better performance in all terrain gets the highest priority. For whatever reason, you are thinking about installing a lifting kit, ensuring the quality should be a must. You choose a drop spindle, A-Arm, Drop-Axle, Block, or Long-travel lift kit, why you are choosing what should be the thing to look at. Besides, whether the kit is compatible with your cart or not should also be measured.

By keeping all these things in mind, here, in this article, we have gathered the seven best lifting kits for all types of carts, including Yamaha, EZ-GO, and Club Car.  

I believe choosing from our recommendation for your respective cart will ensure that you are getting the best thing possible.

Best golf cart lift kits

Best golf cart lift kits

1. Club Car DS 6" Double A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit

This Double A-Arm lift kit from GTW is our first recommendation for all the people out there looking for a lift kit to boost their cart's performance. This lifting-kit is compatible with any Club Car DS 1982-2003.5 Electric models or 1997-2003.5 Gas Models. If your cart has metal steel dust covers, this one will fit your cart (most probably). You will get every necessary part to lift both the cart's front and rear parts along with this item. The easy bolt-on application will ensure that you require no weld or cutting before installing the kit. The full color-instruction, on the other hand, will be handy for installing the kit. Durable urethane bushing with the high-gloss black durable powder coated finishing will ensure perfect strength and durability to withstand force and wearing away. This one is a 6" lift kit that will allow up to 23" tires to lift.

Key Features

  1. Brand: GTW
  2. Specification: 6" lift kit; allows up to 23" tires.
  3. Compatibility: Club Car DS 1982-2003.5 Electric models or 1997-2003.5 Gas Models ( must have metal steel dust covers)
  4. Allows lifting both front and rear tires.
  5. No welding or cutting is necessary with the easy bolt-on application/ full color-instruction.
  6. Black powder-coated finishing with durable urethane bushing.

2. Madjax 6" 2007-Up A-Arm Lift Complete Kit for Yamaha

Again, in the second place, we have an A-Arm lift kit, and this one is from Madjax. This one is a 6 inches lift kit, and this one is compatible with any Yamaha G29 Drive Gas or Electric Golf Carts (2007-up). The simple color-instruction guide will allow you to complete the installation without professional help. This one will allow lifting 23" or up tires. The easy bolt-on application will be handy when installing the kit. It means relief from further hassles. If you are looking for an item that will ensure quality at a reasonable price, this one should be the exact item for your Yamaha golf cart.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Madjax
  2. Specification: 6" lift kit, allows lifting 23" tires (3" and 5" are also available).
  3. Compatibility: Yamaha G29 Drive Gas or Electric Golf Carts (2007-up).
  4. DIY installation without professional help (full-color instruction)
  5. Easy bolt-on application.
  6. Moderate price.

3. 6" Drop Axle Lift Kits for 2001.5-2013 EZGO

For all the EZ-GO cart owners who are looking forward to lifting your cart, this one, in the third place, from Ecotric should be the ideal item to try. This one is a 6" Drop Axle lift kit that will be compatible with EZGO Golf Cart Electric TXT Model (2001.5-2013). If your cart has the 4" bolt-pattern, this one will easily match your cart, but in case your cart has the 3" bolt-pattern, probably, you will need the older version of this kit. The conglomeration of different substances makes this one highly force resistant, allowing it to withstand as much as 85000psi load. This one will accept 23 inches of tires to lift. One drawback of this item is that you will not be able to install the item if you are an amateur. While installing, professional help is highly required as there is no inclusion of an installation guide.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Ecotric
  2. Specification: 6" lifting kit; accepts 23 inches tires.
  3. Compatibility: EZGO Golf Cart Electric TXT Model (2001.5-2013).
  4. Requires 4" bolt pattern; for 3" bolt-pattern, use (1994-2001.5) version.
  5. Heavy-duty construction allows withstanding 85000psi load.
  6. No installation guide added; requires professional authorization.

4. GTW Club Car Precedent 6" Double A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit

In fourth place, we have gathered another A-Arm lift kit from GTW that is compatible with the Club Car Precedent (2004-Up, Gas or Electric) models. This one is, again, a 6" lift kit that will allow lifting 23 inches tires. The easy bolt-on application will allow no welding or cutting before installation. On the other hand, the pivot grease fitting will ensure smooth maintenance along with the camber and two adjustments. The high-gloss black powder coater finishing works as handy when it is about preventing weathering away. Finally, the durable steel construction should be enough to provide your cart the perfect boost you are looking for.

Key Features

  1. Brand: GTW
  2. Specification: 6" lifting kit, accepts 23" inches tires.
  3. Compatibility: Club Car Precedent (2004-Up, Gas, or Electric) models.
  4. Easy bolt-on application.
  5. Pivot grease fitting; camber and tow adjustments.
  6. Durable steel construction

5. 6" Jakes A-Arm Lift Kit Yamaha

This 6" A-Arm lift kit from the Jakes store is our fifth recommendation, and this one is compatible with all  Yamaha G16,G19,G20 Golf Carts. The DOM non-seamed tubing will ensure superior strength. The easy bolt-on application will ensure that you require no cutting or welding while installing. With this item's purchase, you will get all the necessary equipment necessary to install the kit. Besides, a pin-point instruction guide will be handy to install the kit even by yourself. This 6 inches kit will lift a maximum of 23 inches of tires.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Jakes
  2. Specification: 6" inches tire; accept 23 inches tire.
  3. Compatibility: Yamaha G16, G19, G20 Golf Carts.
  4. Easy bolt-on application.
  5. Easy instruction with a color instruction guide.
  6. DOM non-seamed tubing.
  7. No cutting or welding is necessary.

6. RHOX Club Car Precedent Golf Cart Bmf 6" A-Arm Lift Kit

In the sixth place,  we have added an item from RHOX. This one is 6 inches A-Arm lift kit that will be able to lift 23 inches of any golf cart tire. This one is suitable with any Club Car precedent model. If you are looking for a lifting kit that will provide a smooth experience in all kinds of terrain, this one might be the item you are looking for. This one will add more convenience by replacing front end. This one also features camber and toe adjustments. To have the perfect installing experience, you will require wheels with 10 inches o larger offset. Finally, the easy installation process will ensure that you can do the installation without having any hassles.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Rhox
  2. Specification: 6 inches lifting kit; A-Arm lift; accepts 23 inches tire.
  3. Compatibility: Club Car precedent model.
  4. Suitable for all-terrain or rough places.
  5. Perfect adjustment with camber or toe adjustments.
  6. Replaces front end.
  7. Requires 10 inches or larger offset wheels.
  8. Easy installation with a color-instruction guide.

7. 10L0L Heavy Duty Rear 3-Leaf Spring Kit

As our last recommendation for a golf cart lifting kit, we have added this Heavy Duty Rear 3-Leaf Spring Kit from 10LOL. This one is a rear lift-kit compatible with any EZ-GO golf cart TXT (195-2013) models. This one includes Bushing and Sleeves for further convenience. With this item's purchase, you will get (8) Rubber (Not Imitation) Bushings & (4) Stainless Sleeves, (2) Heavy Duty Rear 3-Leaf Springs, and U-Bolts. This one comes with an installation guide, providing you the instruction to complete the installation by yourself. In case you are too naïve, it is highly recommended to do the task with some professional help.

Key Features

  1. Brand: 10LOL.
  2. Specification: Heavy Duty Rear 3-Leaf Spring.
  3. Compatibility: EZ-GO golf cart TXT (195-2013) models.
  4. Includes (8) Rubber (Not Imitation) Bushings & (4) Stainless Sleeves, (2) Heavy Duty Rear 3-Leaf Springs, and U-Bolts.
  5. Color-code instruction guide.

Short Buying Guides

A lifting kit might allow your cart to act like a beast, but choosing a kit without considering some important issues may lead to a disturbing situation. Here are the top five things that you need to consider while buying a golf cart lifting kit to lift your cart.

1. Specification

The very first thing that you should be looking at is the specification of the kit. I mean, if you buy a 3 inches kit for a 6 inches compatible cart, it can never be an ideal choice to appreciate. Make sure you know the specifications and details that will be necessary to make a smooth installation.

2. Compatibility

Well, looking at the compatibility of the kit that you are aiming to buy is another most significant issue that you should not miss looking at. Not every lifting kit in the marker will fit your cart. For the model of your cart, there must have a kit available. You just need to find out the exact item before you go for purchase. Never regret choosing an item that is not compatible with your cart.

3. Bolt-pattern

Buying a lifting kit that does not match the bolt pattern of your cart is misleading. Most golf carts will come with a bolt pattern of 3 inches, 5 inches, or 6 inches. For a 3 inches bolt, you can't choose to buy 6 inches lifting kit, which is common sense. But, believe it or not, many amateurs make this mistake thinking that all lifting kits come with a universal bolt pattern that will fit any cart. If you are also thinking so, beware! You are going to waste your precious money for sure.

4. Installation process

If you have never installed a lifting kit (video), then installing one can be a tough job. Many lifting kits will come with a color-instruction by following what you can complete the installation. But, it is always advisable to take the help of professionals, at least for the first time. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you will ruin everything. In case you are determined that you have the potential to do the task, we encourage you to learn the basics and details before starting the installation.

5. Load capacity

The final thing that you should be looking at is the kit's load capacity or the amount of load that it can withstand. Besides, looking at the durability or finishing of the equipment might also help in the long run when it is about keeping your cart look attractive.

Types of golf cart lifting kit

Now that we have finished discussing the recommended products, now we should provide some hints about the types of lifting kit and for which purpose you should be using what.

In general, a golf cart lifting kit will be of five different kinds. They are-

Drop spindle lift kits - for stability or enhancing the stance.

A-Arm lift kits - to install larger tires or smooth and comfortable ride.

Drop Axle - this kind of kit is suitable for replacing the tire's front axle with a drop axle.

Block lift kit - if you want to increase your cart's height, it is the block lifting kit you need to install.

Long-travel lifting kit - and, finally, if you want your cart to have an individual front and rear suspension system, then these are the kind of kits that you need to install.

Final words

Increasing your cart's height or taking your cart's quality to another level requires a lifting kit. Not every cart that you buy from market has a lifting gear pre-installed. For multiple purposes, a lifting kit can provide significant help. Along with increasing the cart's beauty, a lifting gear can offer smooth riding or install a larger tire to ride with your cart in any rough terrain or golf course. That is why picking up the right-fit gear is more than necessary. According to your respective cart, the items we have gathered here should be worthy for you to provide the smoothest experience possible.

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