20 Best golf cart accessories list

Making your golf cart street legal or upgrading your cart to a newer version requires many new accessories to install. There are more than 100 different tools and accessories that you can install onto your cart to give it an attractive and sleek look.

In case you are looking for some interesting accessories to install in your cart, here are the top 20 items to consider-

Best golf cart accessories

Best golf cart accessories

1. Golf cart battery

Simply speaking, this is the powerhouse of your cart. In general, a golf cart will have a 36-volt, 48-volt, or 72-volt application. If you consider the single properties, then for a golf cart, you would notice 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt applications. For a 36-volt application, most golf carts tend to have a 6x6-volt application. For 48-volt, there are two possibilities. Either it will be a 6x8-volt application or an 8x6-volt application. Even a 4x12-volt application is also possible. Finally, for a 72-volt application, it would be a 6x12-volt battery connection.

If you are using your golf cart batteries for more than 5 years, and you feel like your cart is most often out of energy, probably, it’s the right time to think about installing a new battery application into your cart.

2. Golf cart cover

There appears some time when you don’t touch your beloved golf cart months after months. Even when the weather is not proprietary, getting out with the carts becomes a tedious task. On those particular moments, having a golf cart cover can bring forth great benefits. A golf art cover protects your cart from any kind of dirt, debris, water, and so on.

Even if you are the kind of person who always goes out with the cart, you also should have a golf cart rain cover. Having a quality cover can protect your cart from any kind of weather damage. In case you are thinking about having one, make sure you are choosing a cover that has quality material to withstand all types of outside damage.

3. Golf cart wheel and tires

Nowadays, most golf cart owners tend to take their cart both on and off the course. Without having the appropriate golf cart tire and wheel, taking the golf cart off the course can be catastrophic. In general, you would notice two types of golf cart tires, whereas golf cart wheels can be of three kinds. High-profile tires and low-profile tires are the two main kinds of tires that you would notice in a golf cart. A wheel, on the other hand, can be classified as chrome-finished, machined, and polished.

Installing a low-profile tire may not require any cart lifting kit, whereas installing a high-profile tire is quite impossible without a lifting kit. A golf cart tire can come pre-mounted on the wheel or you may need to mount it later.

4. Golf cart heater

When it is the brass monkey weather outside, and you need to go out with your golf cart, having a golf cart heater installed on the cart can bring forth great comfort.

Winter golfing is tough, especially when the temperature drops voraciously. A golf cart heater releases high-temperature to make the environment of the cart comfortable and warm. As a result, while driving your cart, the painstaking coldness fails to catch you. The winter is already knocking at the door, and if you still don’t have a heater installed on your cart, it should be the appropriate time to grab one so that you get the authenticity to fight against the barren winter! Winter should not interrupt your golfing anymore when you have a golf cart heater installed onto your cart.

5. Golf cart seat

Having a convenient golf cart seat always enhances the comfort zone of sitting. Whether you are taking a single ride on the course or are going outside with your family, having a convenient setup of the seat can make the feeling and experience much better.

Most of the golf cart seats, when bought, seem to be less comfortable because they are mostly designed for the golf course only. Things are changing drastically, and golf carts are not only confined to the golf course. If you love to take your golf cart both on and off the course, think about installing a convenient and comfortable seat on your cart to enjoy a great ride!

6. Golf cart seat covers

Would you love to give your golf cart an attractive look that would catch people's interest? Think about installing a new golf cart seat cover on the old and clumsy seat.

While choosing a seat cover for your cart, you would find multiple colorful items of clothing both for the front and rear seat. One of the essential aspects you need to consider is the quality of the fabric. If the fabric you are choosing only ensures color regardless of the quality, you may not be able to enjoy the beauty for a long time.

Give your cart an aesthetic look and design by installing a colorful seat cover both for the front and rear seats.

7. Golf cart mirrors

A well-chosen golf cart mirror not only enhances the beauty of the cart but also ensures your safety to a great extent. There are three different types of golf cart mirrors that you would notice for your golf cart. These are the sliding mirror, the panoramic mirror, and the panel mirror. Almost all the types have the potential to ensure quality if you are choosing wisely.

The uses of a golf cart mirror on the course may be limited, but when you are taking your cart outside of the course, it becomes mandatory to install a quality mirror for your better protection. Upgrading the cart or making it street legal is quite unbalanced without an appropriate mirror installed on the cart.

8. Golf cart steering wheel

Whether for getting a better grip in your hand or control over the cart, installing or having a convenient golf cart steering wheel is more than necessary.

Steering wheels are available in a variety of ranges. Even you can think about adding a steering wheel to your cart from your old car as well. While installing a new golf cart steering wheel, many things are there to consider.

The thing that tends to affect most is the type of Course you tend to drive your cart most. If you tend to drive your cart off the course or on a sandy place, install a steering wheel that provides essential grip. On the other hand, if you tend to drive on the course only, the pre-built steering wheel or an aesthetically chosen steering wheel can also be ideal.

9. Golf cart lights

Golf cart led lighting kits are a great way to give your cart an aesthetic and vigilant look. A golf cart lighting kit can be both street-legal and non-street legal. If you are thinking about making your cart street legal, you must-have to choose a street-legal light bar kit, whereas riding the cart on the course or beside your own properties does not require you to install a street-legal lighting kit.

LED lights and Halogen based lights are the two other kinds of lights that you would notice on a golf cart. LED lights tend to be more energy efficient with a brighter output. On the other hand, halogen-based lights tend to consume a little more energy than Led lights but are trusted for a long time.

10. Golf cart horn

Upgrading your golf cart to give it a go on the street requires you to install a golf cart horn kit. The inclusion of a golf cart horn to the cart was not a common conception even 10 to 15 years earlier. Now as golf carts are going more on the street, the necessity of including a horn kit is raising as well. While choosing a golf cart horn kit, it is mandatory to look at the materials, horn music type, and battery compatibility. If the horn kit tends to consume a lot of battery power, after certain days you may end up losing your battery efficiency to a great degree. On the other hand, if you choose harsh music, you may end up deteriorating your impression.

11. Golf cart cooler

A golf cart cooler lets you keep beverage or dry food fresh and clean. Completing a round of golf takes around 2 to 4 hours, depending on the types of game you are playing. Having a cooler can bring forth great benefits when you are thinking about having a sip of beer or other beverage items you want.

Besides, keeping dry food as a snack inside the coolers is also possible. If you miss your beer or beverage item on the course, think about installing a new cooler inside your cart so that you always have the authenticity to quench your thirst. You can customize the setup of the cooler anytime, according to the space you have inside the cart. Another option you can use golf cart fan for batter feel in cart.

12. Golf cart windshield

The use of a golf cart windshield is not only limited to wind protection but also has some other features that are worth investing your money on. A golf cart windshield keeps your cart protected from any kinds of wind, flying dust, or debris. On top of that, having a good quality windshield can create a comfortable temperature inside your cart, keeping you warm and protected. Besides, a windshield protects your cart from sun damage and scratches, protecting your cart from wearing away.

Though many people do not feel the necessity of adding a windshield for the protection of the cart, we believe, the benefits of installing a new windshield more than the money you are investing.

13. Golf cart battery meter

Speculating the battery of the cart regularly keeps the battery protected and safe from any unnecessary hassles. To check up the battery of the cart, it is essential to have a golf cart battery meter that all the notify you about the condition of the battery. Having a golf cart battery meter installed on the cart allows you to check the condition of the battery anytime without removing the battery hatch and cables.

The installation process of a battery meter is not that much complicated as most people think. Just follow the instruction given with the purchase to make a proper installation. Once you are set up, you are ready to know the condition of your cart’s battery. If you still don’t have any battery meter installed on the cart, think about grabbing one for having a better experience with the battery.

14. Golf cart radio and speaker

Remaining up to date all the time with the latest music, news, and weather forecast by sitting on your golf cart is possible if you have a golf cart radio and golf cart speaker installed on the cart. Most of the golf cart stereo console tends to come with a speaker. In case your’s one does not have a pre-built speaker, you have to add a new one.

Having a quality radio and speaker allows you to enjoy a huge music library. Besides, nowadays, it is also possible to tune up internet services like Spotify or Podcast with the help of radio and speaker. If you have a golf cart, and you want to make it up to date with the latest community, installing a stereo device onto the cart would be more than ideal.

15. Golf cart lift kit

As the name suggests, a golf cart lifting kit allows you to lift the golf cart a little up to install new accessories like tire, wheel, motor, or so on. Installing a new high-end tire onto your golf cart is quite impossible without a lifting kit. Many people prefer adding a lifting kit onto their cart, whereas many others are against the conception. It does not matter what people think. If you want to give your golf cart a beast look, and you love to upgrade your golf cart now and then, it would be ideal to install a new lifting kit onto your golf cart.

You will find a lifting kit for any brands of golf cart you have, including EZ-GO, Yamaha, and Club Car. You just need to choose a compatible lifting kit according to the types of cart you have.

16. Golf cart battery cables

If your battery is not functioning properly and you are having a tough time getting the required energy from the battery, probably the battery cables have malfunctioned. In that case, you need to think about installing new battery cables to bring back the efficient connection.

While choosing the right battery cables for your cart, there are many things to consider regarding the size and compatibility. Most of the battery cables tend to come with a 6 AWG cable, whereas 2 AWG and 4 AWG cables are also possible. Depending on the resistance capacity of the cable, you need to choose the right sized cable that would suit your cart’s battery.

17. Golf cart charger

A golf cart charger helps to charge the battery of the cart up. For various reasons, the cart charger you have can malfunction. At that particular moment, you need to think about purchasing a new charger. The first and most important thing that you need to consider while purchasing a new golf cart battery charger is voltage compatibility. If you have a cart that has a 48-volt battery application, you need to choose a 48-volt battery adaptor. Charging a golf cart battery with a lower or upper voltage adapter can deteriorate the condition of the battery to a great extent. Every golf cart manufacturer tends to produce compatible chargers for every model of the cart. if you are having a tough time choosing one, make sure you contact the right manufacturer.

18. Golf cart cup holder

Not every golf carts tend to provide a convenient cup holder pre-installed onto the cart to keep your beverage. If you love taking beverages on the course, installing a new cup holder onto the cart should be an ideal choice to make. While choosing a cup holder to be installed on your golf cart, make sure you are looking at the size and material of the cupholder. Besides, where would you love to install the cup holder is another important aspect to consider to make your experience great on the course.

19. Golf cart enclosure

Though the convention of installing an enclosure to the golf cart is not that popular, it is worth installing a new one. A golf cart enclosure greatly helps to protect your cart from any kind of dirt, rain, sun-damage, or weather.

As a golf cart enclosure tends to have a vinyl construction, you will face no trouble while driving your cart. At the first glance, you may feel like it's another new accessory to install on your cart, lately, you will realize that it is worth installing for better protection of your cart.

20. Golf cart seat belts

Safety and protection are quite hard if you don’t have a seat belt installed on the cart. Especially, when you are driving with your family. Driving the cart both on and off the course without having a convenient seat-belt is risky. If you are still missing a seat-belt on the cart, it should be the ideal time to remind you that not having a seat belt will not make your cart street legal. So, install a seat belt as fast as you can before anybody catches you for a fine.

Final words

The lists of golf cart accessories to install onto your cart are innumerable. We have picked these top 20 items that would make your experience with the cart more loveable. Besides, your protection will be highly ensured. Upgrading your cart without considering these 20 accessories will be a silly choice for sure.

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