Best 60-degree wedge reviews 2021

A 60-degree wedge means you are looking for a lob wedge. To many of you, a 60-degree wedge is a game-changer, and to many others, it’s an item that can ruin your possibilities. Truly speaking, a lob wedge can greatly improve your short game if you know the ways to choose and use it properly.

Before discussing the ways of using a lob wedge properly, let us first choose some of the best 60-degree wedges that are available in the market.

Here are seven best 60-degree wedge recommendations for you, and among all of them, Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge will remain as our top pick for today.

Best 60-degree wedge

1. Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge

Our top listed product is from Callaway, and this one is available with a steel shaft material so that you can get the best out of it.

You probably know that a lob wedge is suitable for everywhere on the golf course. From fairway to the short game, the 3 grinds (normal, soft, or firm) feature is going to provide a great opportunity for every shot in every condition.

From moderate to sweeping attack, everything is going to be fun with this particular item.

The progressive groove optimization feature of this great wedge is going to make sure that you get the fun in all kinds of shots.

Finally, the moderate weight distribution will ensure that you get the perfect spin, trajectory, and bounce control.

Key Features

  1. From Callaway
  2. Shaft material: steel
  3. 3 grinds feature (normal, soft, or firm)
  4. Suitable for moderate to sweeping attack
  5. Progressive groove optimization.
  6. Perfect spin, trajectory, and bounce control.

2. Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

Our second recommendation or the runners up is from Wilson, and this one comes with a steel shaft construction.

The true temper steel iron construction will make sure that you get high performance and reliability in every stroke that you will be making with this particular wedge.

The sole grind adaption will ensure that you get the authenticity to hit the golf ball not only for a shorter shot but also for a sweeping longer distance.

The high polish finishing with the classic blade is going to give it an aesthetic look and quality at the same time.

The modified bounce angle will ensure a dead spot spin production so that you can feel comfortable in the shorter game as well as in the rough and fairway.

Key Features

  1. From Wilson
  2. True Temper steel iron construction for better performance.
  3. Sole grind adaption
  4. Classic blade with high polish finishing.
  5. Modified bounce angle.

3. Callaway Golf Men's Matte Black Mack Daddy 4

This 60-degree lob wedge from Callaway is worth remaining in the first place for all of the features that this item provides.

You are going to get more spin with the groove-in-groove technology to improve your shorter game experience.

The adaption of four sole grinds is going to help you to cope with the conditions of the course. Besides, this particular feature is going to enable you to have a variety of playing styles allowing you to cope with the lie angle and course condition.

The broad range of bounce condition is going to be effective in the rough, fairway, and shorter game.

The platinum chrome and black matt finishing provide this wedge a vibrant look that you can’t but love.

Finally, the soft Carbon Steel, Precise CG Locations, and Crisp Turf Interaction provide a satisfying feel while hitting with this wedge.

Key Features

  1. From Callaway
  2. Groove-in-Groove technology
  3. Adaption of four sole grinds
  4. A broad range of bounce condition
  5. Platinum and black matt finishing.
  6. soft Carbon Steel, Precise CG Locations, and Crisp Turf Interaction

4. Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

Wedge recommendation without Cleveland looks dull. Isn’t it? If so, then in the fourth place, we have brought for you a Cleveland 60-degree wedge that you are going to love for sure.

This one is available both in a steel and graphite shaft construction to boost up your performance.

The hollow cavity design allows the clubface to distribute additional weight so that you can get more forgiveness and distance at the same time.

This one is also going to have three different sole grinds so that you can have the power to cope with any kind of strokes and conditions that you will require.

The feeling can be a great issue while choosing a new wedge. The GelbackTPU Insert is a great inclusion that you will notice in this particular club that is going to reduce the vibration to a great extent so that; you can get the perfect feel and balance every time you strike with this club.

Wedges tend to have maximum spin so that you can have better short game control. This particular 60-degree wedge with the Fourth generation Rotex Face technology should not make you disappointed in the short game of golf as well by providing maximum spin and trajectory control.

Key Features

  1. From Cleveland
  2. Available in both steel and shaft construction
  3. Hollow cavity design
  4. Three different sole grinds
  5. GelbackTPU Insert
  6. Fourth-generation Rotex Face technology

5. Pine meadow Golf PGX Wedge

Looking for a Pine meadow 60-degree wedge? Here it is.

This one is going t have a steel shaft construction making the club more durable and long-lasting.

The mid-size sole attached to this club will help to maximize your short game experience along with a little boost in the rough and fairway.

This one is going to have a ‘U’ groove design technology allowing you to have better control in the greenside area.

The perfect tour-proven shape and bounce design make it an authentic item to try anywhere in the fairway, rough, or greenside area.

The length of the shaft is 35.75 inches which should be perfect for producing enough force.

Key Features

  1. Steel shaft construction
  2. Mid-size sole design
  3. ‘U’ groove design technology
  4. Tour-proven shape and bounce design
  5. Shaft length 35.75 inches.

6. Taylor Made Golf MG2 Wedge

You maybe are missing a Taylor Made recommendation? Right? This 60-degree MG2 wedge from Taylor Made should not make you disappoint at all.

The more you will be using this wedge, the better spin control you are going to get with the raw face design of this particular wedge.

The thick-thin head design will be handy to reach the pin with perfect comfort.

Like most other TaylorMade wedges, this one is also going to have a Milled Grind design making it more suitable for the short game.

The TPU insert is going to reduce the vibration production making it more comfortable while hitting.

Finally, the black and chrome white finishing give this item an aesthetic look that you would love for sure.

Key Features

  1. raw face design
  2. thick-thin head design
  3. Milled Grind design
  4. TPU insert for better comfort
  5. black and chrome white finishing

7. Titleist Vokey SM7

Completing this section without recommending any Titleist wedge does not look appropriate at all. that is why we have brought the Vokey SM7 from Titleist in the seventh place.

The progressive CG location of this item is going to provide precise distance and trajectory control every time you strike the golf ball.

The tour-proven grinds design helps the club to cope with your swing and condition of the course so that; you can make a comfortable swing always.

100% inspected TX4 grooves with a more consistent groove edge produce maximum spin for having a better short game control.

This one is also going to have the spin groove milled design to produce consistency, spin control, and better performance.

Key Features

  1. progressive CG location
  2. tour-proven grinds design
  3. 100% inspected TX4 grooves with a more consistent groove edge
  4. spin groove milled design

Short buying guides

These are the top five things that you need to consider while buying a new wedge.

1.Shaft design: either your wedge is going to have a steel shaft construction or it is going to be a graphite shaft construction. steel shaft tends to be more durable, whereas a graphite shaft is going to provide better speed and feeling. Make sure to know which one you prefer most.

2. The face insert: looking at the face insert of the wedge is also necessary because it allows you to have a perfect feel while hitting with the wedge. Besides, a balanced face insert can reduce vibration production to a great extent so that you can hit better.

3. Grinds and groove: This is another factor that you should not miss looking at. The grind is essentially the perfect geometry of the wedge’s sole. If the grinds and groove layout is perfectly fine, then you are going to get the maximum spin production with the wedge. As a result, you are going to have better short game control.

4. Bounce of the wedge: Depending on the bounce of the wedge, the performance can be varied a lot. If you are using a low-bounce wedge, then you are supposed to get leverage in the firm turf conditions or bunkers. On the other hand, if you are using a wedge that has a high-bounce angle, you are going to get leverage on the softer turf, fluffy lies, and bunkers with soft sand. Using a mid-range bounce angle would be our recommendation. It provides great leverage near the greenside area, and the main intention of every player who is using a lob wedge is obviously to do good in the greenside area.

5. Price: The final thing that you might look at is the price of the wedge. Depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the wedge, the price is going to be cheaper to expensive. Make sure you are choosing a great item for your better good.

How to hit a 60-degree wedge?

60-degree wedge

60-degree wedge

Depending on the types of the player, the method of the hitting is going to be different also. But, one thing everyone agrees with is that the more you will practice the better you are going to be with your wedges. Try to hit from different lie angle, until you get your perfect position. Once you are accustomed to the wedge, you are going to make great progress for sure.

56 vs. 60-degree wedge

Well, while choosing wedges, confusion can arise regarding whether you should pick a 56 degree or just a 60-degree wedge would be enough. Here are some of the differences between a 56 degree and a 60-degree wedge.

56-degree wedge

60-degree wedge

Suitable for sand

Suitable for a rough area

Suitable for just off the green on the fringe.

Suitable for just off the green.

Possible to get a distance of around 100 yards.

Possible to get a distance of around 125 yards.

Not that much common but available.

          Mostly common in the golf bag.

Less spin production than a 60-degree wedge.

More spin production.

How far does a 60-degree wedge go?

This thing completely depends on you. If you are someone who can make a great swing, then it is quite possible to reach around 100 yards with a 60-degree wedge. On average it should be around 70-80 yards. And, if the swing of yours is terrible, then probably, you have to remain happy with a stroke that will take the golf ball around 50 yards at all.

Golf wedge bounce

Golf wedge bounce is the angle between the leading edge and the lowest edge of the sole. Wedge bounce can be of three different kinds.

Low bounce: for many players, having a low-bounce wedge can be beneficial. This kind of wedge has a bounce angle of 4-6 degrees. They are quite beneficial when you are looking for leverage in the firm turf conditions or the bunker.

Mid-bounce: almost 90 percent of the players tend to play with this kind of bounce angle. This kind of wedges has a bounce angle between 10 to 10 degrees. This kind of wedges provides perfect trajectory control so that you can have better short game control in the greenside area.

High-bounce: those wedges that have a bounce angle of more than 10 degrees known as a high-bounce wedge. This kind of wedges can be good for softer turf, fluffy lies, and bunkers with soft sand.

Final words

Wedges are a great reliever when you need perfect balance in the short game. Especially, when you are in the greenside area. Honing the skill of a 60-degree wedge is far easier than all other kinds. Make sure you have one in your golf bag for a better boost up.

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