Battery Post/Terminal Repair (Problem and Solutions)

Batteries or cells are everywhere. It is quite impossible to find a single sector that does not use batteries for its power supply. From electric to automotive devices, batteries are the only solution to ensure smooth direct current output.

As batteries are becoming more prevalent worldwide, problems related to batteries are also increasing at a rapid rate. 

Battery post Problems like terminal displacement, corrosion damage, charging problems, and the like are all repairable. You have such a kind of battery problem should not mean you have to go for a replacement. Repair the old battery on your own to save some of your bucks.

If you are a little naïve when it comes to battery repairing, we are here to help. But before that, it is important to gain some basic knowledge before you get into the process.

Here are some of the essential terms everyone should know before getting into any DIY repairing process-

Battery PostTerminal Repair

What is a battery terminal?

Battery terminals are the clamping tools we use to secure a connection with another device or within the battery. You cannot think about charging the battery or establishing a connection with another power source without the terminals.

Usually, a battery terminal will have two different sides or posts. One of the sides will represent the positive end, whereas the other end will represent the negative end of the battery.

The dimension or diameter of both positive and negative end will not be the same. One of the ends will be a little larger than the other.

The difference between the positive and negative end is necessary to retain the optimum polarity between the two parts. The integral difference between the two ends of a battery helps to maintain the perfect flow rate so that one can get an unprecedented power supply with ease.

What are the types of a battery terminal?

Battery terminals are available in various kinds. Here are the top five types of battery terminals when you are talking about the technical parts of a battery-

Auto Post Terminals(SAE): Almost 90 percent of the automotive vehicle uses SAE battery terminals. The positive end of an SAE battery terminal will always be larger than the negative end.

Stud terminal: The thread diameter of this kind of terminal is always the same. They will come with 3/8’’ threaded stainless steel construction to ensure a smooth and stable connection between the two ends.

Dual post terminal: This kind of terminal offers versatile connecting options. You can establish a traditional or a ring terminal or wing nut connection through this kind of terminal. 

Button terminals:  You will notice this kind of terminals in most AGM batteries. They usually come with the M5 to M8 thread diameter size.

Dual SAE: This kind of battery terminals are a combination of Auto post and Stud terminals.

When you are talking about sectors, here are some of the kinds to do your research-

  1. Automotive battery terminals.
  2. Marine battery terminals.
  3. Zinc battery terminals.
  4. SLA battery terminals.
  5. UPS battery terminals.
  6. Dry battery terminals.

How to repair a corroded battery terminal?

Rust and corrosion can deteriorate the condition of your golf cart battery, causing the battery to supply distracting and unprecedented power. A corroded battery terminal should not mean that the life cycle of the battery is over. You can always repair a corroded battery through baking soda. If you are interested, let’s jump into the process-

Battery post repair Accessories

  1. Wrench.
  2. Baking soda. 
  3. Toothbrush.
  4. Water
  5. Petroleum jelly.


  1. Turn off the power supply of your vehicle.
  2. Start by loosening the negative clamp of your battery. It is always safe to start with the negative clamp. After that, loosen the positive clamp of the battery.
  3. Once you have done removing the battery, it is time to inspect the battery for any external leakages. If the battery is okay without any kinds of damages or leakages, you can move to the next step. On the other hand, if you find any tearing on the battery, you have to think about making a replacement.
  4. Make a mixture of baking soda and hot water to start the cleaning process. Use one tablespoon of baking soda for about 250ml of hot water.
  5. Use baking soda solution and toothbrush to scour all the posts and terminals.
  6. Use normal clean water to rinse all the posts. After that, dry the terminals properly by using a dry towel.
  7. In the final step, lubricate all the posts to prevent any kinds of future interventions of corrosion and rust.

Once you have done cleaning the terminals, re-attach the positive and negative ends of the battery. You should be very careful while attaching the battery to the compartment again.

Why maintaining the battery is important?

Proper maintenance of the battery enhances the potential of the battery to a great extent. No matter whether you are using a powerful battery or not, you should never ignore your duty to retain the health of your battery.

Maintaining the battery properly delivers a continuous flow rate without distracting the power supply. Besides, you get to use the battery 30 to 40 percent more than an equivalent low-maintained battery.

Two most popular cart battery is Trojan vs. Duracell golf cart batteries, which is the perfect for you?

How to maintain a battery?

Proper battery maintenance includes multiple steps. Here are some of the things to look over to keep the efficiency and sustainability of a battery-

  1. Keep a good eye on the charging percentage of your battery. Don' let the battery percentage go below ten. Letting the battery percentage go to a low level continuously deteriorates the efficiency to a moderate degree.
  2. Check all the cables, terminals, and wiring regularly. Any faults on the wiring or cables can make the situation worst.
  3.  Physical damage to the battery can also cause disturbance to the power supply. Inspect regularly for any tearing or leakages.
  4. Check the water level of the battery.
  5. Store a battery after giving it a full charge. Storing a low-powered battery can make it dead.

Final words

Batteries are an integral part of any electric-powered device or vehicle. On the other hand, battery terminals or posts are the essential organs that ensure smooth of electricity. That is why it is always essential to keep a good eye on the battery and the terminals to ensure proper safety.

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