Average golf course length : With course position length

The length of a golf course is not universal throughout the whole world. Some of them might be smaller, whereas some others will be large enough to baffle you. On average, the length of a golf course will be around 6600 yards to 7200 yards. If the golf course you are talking about is used for the PGA Championship, it should be around 7200 yards, whereas, for other LPGA courses, the course length will be around 6500 yards to 6600 yards.

If you are interested in learning the basics of a golf course, and the length of the course, following this whole article should provide you everything you need to know about a golf course. If You interest to know how many golf courses in in USA see post.

Average golf course length

What will be inside a golf course?

Depending on the consisting parts of the golf course, a golf course can be larger and smaller. Here are the top things that a golf course is consists of-

1. Teeing area

This is the starting point for beginning a golf round. Suppose you are playing in an 18-hole course. That means you need to complete all of the 18 holes for completing a round of golf match. To begin a hole, you need to start striking the golf ball off a tee. There are four different types of tees that you will notice on a golf course. They are-

  • Red ( suitable for women and children up to the age of 12)
  • Gold ( suitable for teenagers, high-handicap men, and low-handicap women)
  • White (low to high-handicap)
  • Black or blue ( for tournament gameplay or professionals)

In general, the teeing area of a 7200 yards golf course will be around 120-200 square feet.

2. Fairway or rough area

After teeing off the golf ball, the area that you notice is the fairway or rough area, or specifically saying, the area from the tee box to the putting green.

The fairway ground from one hole to another takes a large distance from the total surface of the course.

The fairway area for each par hole will be around 25-30 yards. That means if you are playing in a 18-hole course, the fairway area will be around 5000 yards.

The rough area, on the other hand, will be around 700-1000 yards.

3. Putting green

After the fairway ground, there comes the putting green or only Green. This is the place where you would notice smooth and precisely elegant grasses. Indirectly speaking, where you use your putter golf club is the putting green.

The putting green area of a golf course will not be more than 300 yards.

4. Hazards

Hazards are the special areas of the course. There are many kinds of hazards that you would notice on the golf course. But, water hazards and bunkers or sand traps are the most popular kinds. Falling on a hazard is like having penalties.

Hazards mostly belong to the rough area that should not be more than 100-250 yards.

5. Driving Range

A driving range is not necessarily a must-have item that every very golf course needs to have. This place is one kind of amenity that most of the popular golf clubs tend to have. The driving range is the practicing area for all the golfers. A golf course with a driving range tends to be larger than those that do not have a driving range.

Depending on the types of a golf course you are playing in, a driving range can be both large and small. In general, a golf course with a driving range of 300-500 yards should be ideal.

Golf course length depending on the par score

Par score is the estimation of the strokes that a player should take to put the golf ball into the hole. Let us find out the course length depending on the par score and hole distance.

  • If you are playing in a par-3 hole, then the Hole distance will be around 250 yards. That means, if it is a 9-hole course, the length of the course will be around 250 x 9=2250 yards. For an 18-hole course, the course length will be 250 x 18=4500 yards.
  • If you are playing in a course that has a par-4 hole score, then the average length for a hole will be around 350-450 yards. That means, for a 9-hole course, the length will be 4050 yards. On the other hand, for a 18-hole course with a par-4 score, the length of the course will be 6300 yards.
  • If you are playing in a par-5 golf course, then the length for each hole should be around 490 yards. In that case, for a 9-hole course, the aggregated length of the course will be 490 x 9=4410 yards. On the other hand, for an 18-hole course, the length will be around 7500 yards.

A golf course of 18 holes with a 5-par hole score is pretty rare. The possibility, in that case, of a 9-hole course is high. You just need to play each of the holes twice to complete the 18-hole procedures.

Now, if we add the length of the driving range with all of the types of courses, then it is very much easier to understand that the standard length for a golf course will be between 4500 yards to 7500 yards.

Types of the golf course

There are four different types of golf courses available that you would notice around you. Let's have a look at the size of the courses according to the course types-

  1. Private courses: private courses tend to be smaller. The length of the private courses will fall between 3500 yards to 4500 yards.
  2. Municipal course: these are courses used for presidential use. The length of a municipal course will fall between 4500-6000 yards.
  3. Commercial courses: This kind of Golf course will come with a standard length, which is around 7000 yards.
  4. Public courses: public courses also tend to be large enough. You will find them with a length of 5000-7000 yards.

Final words

Golf courses with a great length might be ponderous, but playing with dexterity is what matters most in the end. We believe if you are looking for information regarding the length of the course, all the information we have piled up through this article will provide great help. Happy Golfing!

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