What is an albatross in golf?

Like all other sporting events, golf also possesses some interesting terms that people would like to achieve.

Albatross is such a kind of term.

Albatross in golf means taking three shots under par and it is a rare achievement that people do not observe often.

In this article, we are going to talk about everything that you need to know about Albatross and its equivalent.

If you are a beginner, or if you would like to learn about golf, then these kinds of terms can easily distract you.

After reading this whole article, we can assure you that there will have no doubts inside you.

What you will get in this article:

  • You will learn about the scoring system. i.e. (par score)
  • You will learn about the different names of the different hole scores.
  • You will learn about Albatross.

In golf, for every hole, there is an expected number of strokes that a player should take for putting the golf ball into the hole. This expected stroke number is known as the par score.

Depending on the par score, and the number of strokes that you have taken for completing the hole, many terms have evolved.

Bogey, par, Birdie, eagle, albatross, Condor is such kind of names.

Not every title here is considered respectful rather there are some that players most of the time would like to avoid, and scoring or achieving such title is embarrassing for them in many aspects.

Before we discuss broadly the term Albatross, let’s take a slight knowledge about all the others scoring term.


If you take one stroke more than the par score, then it will be considered as a bogey.

If you take more than two or three strokes for completing the hole than the par score, then it will be considered as a double bogey and triple bogey and so on.

Bogey is a kind of term that players would like to avoid achieving.


After bogey comes the par score which means that you have not taken more or fewer strokes than the par score for completing the hole rather your stroke numbers and the par score is totally even.

Par is the expected number of strokes that a player should take.


Birdie is taking one score under par score. Birdie is a kind of achievement that players love to accomplish. Accomplishing such kind of feat requires professionalism and competency.


After Birdie comes eagle which means that you have taken two strokes less than the par score.

Eagle is also a kind of achievement that players love to achieve.


 Albatross is one of the rare kinds of achievements that every golfer dreams about.

It means taking three fewer strokes than the par score.

This term has another title which is the double eagle.

Albatross is not a common accomplishment that players and spectators observe frequently.

That is why it has become such a prestigious term.

We will be discussing broadly Albatross in the later section of this article. If you are interested stay tuned until the last.


The last term we observe is Condor and condor is not an official title rather, it has become popular among the common people.

It means taking four fewer strokes than the par score.

It's even rare than Albatross.

We observe such kind of achievement once in five or six years.

Although we have discussed every terms and title, we know that Albatross is the most popular title among all, and that is why we are going to talk a little bit more about Albatross here.

If you are interested, you may continue until the last. We believe we can give you such insights that will make your experience with golf better.

More about Albatross

If you have completed reading the above section of this article, you now know that Albatross means taking three strokes less than the par score, and you probably also know that it is a kind of rare achievement that every golfer dreams about.

But, do you know the name of the players who have achieved this milestone at first?

Probably you don’t. For your convenience, Gene Sarazen is the first player who has introduced this outstanding feature among golfers. 

According to Wikipedia,‘’between 1970 and 2003, 84 such shots (an average of fewer than three per year) were recorded on the PGA Tour’’.

Albatross is that rare. But it’s not impossible at all.

True professionalism and greater interest will pave the way for you to accomplish such kinds of achievements.

List of players who have achieved Albatross in majors




Gene Sarazen

Masters Tournament


Bruce Devlin

Masters Tournament


Jeff Maggert

Masters Tournament


Louis Oosthuizen

Masters Tournament


Chen Tze-chung

U.S. Open


Shaun Micheel

U.S. Open


Nick Watney

U.S. Open


Young Tom Morris

The Open Championship

Sep 15, 1870

Johnny Miller

The Open Championship


Bill Rogers

The Open Championship


Manny Zerman

The Open Championship


Jeff Maggert

The Open Championship


Greg Owen

The Open Championship


Gary Evans

The Open Championship


Paul Lawrie

The Open Championship


Darrell Kestner

PGA Championship


Per-Ulrik Johansson

PGA Championship


Joey Sindelar

PGA Championship


There is only one player who has made more than one Albatross in major tournaments and the name of the player is Jeff Maggert.

But let's find out some of the other players who have at least achieved one Albatross in any major tournaments.

Final words

Making Albatross is tough for sure, there is no doubt about this fact, but this is not unachievable at all.

True dedication and consistent effort can make everything possible.

We believe that the stats that we have gathered here, and the discussion that we have made here will give you some insights and resources that you can use.

Besides, all the other discussions of the terms and scoring system will clarify the understanding of golf.

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