10 vs. 12 inches golf cart wheels : What is the Main Difference

A golf cartwheel is available in four different variants. The smallest wheels on this list come with 8-inches variations. Most of the typical golf carts come with an 8-inch tire wheel. The largest wheel you may notice in a golf cart is 14-inches. Most of the modified golf carts will have a 14-inches tire wheel. The mid-size wheel diameters are the 10-inches and 12-inches. People most often procrastinate between 10-inches and 12-inches wheels while choosing one for their cart. 

If you are having a tough time choosing the relevant tire and wheel for your cart, this article may come as beneficial to learn about the basics. From measurement to the differences, this article will cover everything.

10 vs. 12 inches golf cart wheels

10 vs. 12 inches golf cart wheels

A 12 inches wheel produces more speed than a 10 inches wheel. But you will get the speed for the sake of torque. You will get less torque with the 12-inches wheel.

If you are using low profile tire, you can expect to get more rubber with the 10 inches wheel. A 10-inch wheel will also generate more control.

The changes in the diameter change the speed, torque, and controlling feature of the tire. Whether you are using a low-profile or high-profile tire also plays an important role to define all these aspects.

10 inches wheel

12 inches wheel

10 inches wheel will produce less speed than 12 inches wheel.

12 inches wheel tends to be faster.

10 inches wheel will have more rubber on the exterior.

12 inches wheel will have less rubber on the exterior.

This type of wheel does not sacrifice torque.

They may sacrifice torque.

They are more controllable.

12-inches tires are less controllable than 10-inches.

10-inch wheels are suitable for off-roading.

12-inch wheels are suitable for off-roading too.

How to measure your golf cart wheel and tire?

Before we talk about each type of wheel, it becomes necessary to learn the basics of a golf-cart wheel. Let us first learn how would you specify the tire and wheel that your golf cart has-

  • Most golf cart tires tend to come with two types of the number to understand the exact measurement. One type of number looks like 18x8-10, whereas the other looks like 205/50-10.
  • The 18x8-10 tire size specifies that the height of the tire is 18 inches. The second number, which is 8, specifies that the tire is 8 inches in width. The last number, which is 10, specifies the size of the wheel. In this case, it is around 10 inches.
  • The second size type is 205/50-10. Here the first number, which is 205, defines the width of the tire in millimeters. 50 stands for the aspect ratio. Finally, 10 is the size of the wheel to mount the tire.

Low-profile and high-profile tire

If you want to learn about the wheels of your golf cart, understanding a low-profile and high-profile tire is also necessary.

Low-profile tire:  A low-profile tire simply means that the amount of rubber on the tire will be less in amount. This kind of tire tends to have a larger rim with a smaller amount of rubber.  Low-profile tires are stylish and generate greater speed.

High-profile tire: On the contrary, a high-profile tire will have more rubber compared to a low-profile tire. They tend to have a smaller rim with a dense rubber quantity. They seem a little bland but ensures excellent control.

Wheel offset

A wheel can come with three different offsets. If the hub remains on the center of the wheel, we call it a wheel with zero offsets. If the hub remains on the outer part of the cart, we call it a positive offset. Finally, if the hub locates behind the cart, we call it a wheel with a negative offset. Most of the golf carts tend to come with a negative offset, allowing them to ensure better compatibility on the course.

Finding out the wheel size

Here we are with procedures of measuring your golf cart wheel and tire-

  • First of all, we will measure the width of the wheel. We will require a measuring tape to do the measuring. To determine the width, you will need to use the measuring tape from one inner wall to the other inner wall. The measurement that you will get will be the exact width of the wheel.
  • The next measurement is the wheel height. We will have to use the tape from the top to the bottom. After the measurement, deduct ½ inch from each side. If the total measurement is 13 inches, the height of the wheel is 12 inches after ½ inches deduction from each side.

What size tires can I put on my golf cart?

Once we have done the wheel measurement, it is time to put the right tire and wheel on the cart. Here is the measurement that you may follow while installing a tire on the cart-

  • EZ-GO: If you are an EZ-go user, you should not face any trouble with selecting a proper tire. They are everywhere. Most of the non-lifted EZ-GO cart will fit up to a 215/50-12 inches tire. You will be able to ensure fit without any rubbing. You will also get around 20.5 inches of clearance with this kind of tire. If you prefer taking a heavy-duty load on the back of the cart, you should use a 214/40-12 tire or smaller to prevent rubbing. In that case, the height will be around 18.5 inches.
  • Club Car:  Another most popular golf cart brand that is prevalent on and off the course is the Club Car. A non-lifted or stock Club Car cart should be compatible with 215/40-12 inches tire. In that case, the height will be around 18.5 inches. The height of a lifted club car cart's tire can be around 20 inches.
  • Yamaha: The measurement for the club car and Yamaha cart is quite similar. A non-lifter or stock Yamaha cart should fit with any 215/40-12 tires. The lifted Yamaha cart can comply with a 20-inch height tire as well.

Installing all-terrain tire

  • EZ-GO: An EZ-GO non-lifted cart should fit a tire with 20x10-10inches or 20x10-12inches measurement. A lifted EZ-Go cart should fit with any 22x11-10 inches or 23x10.5-12 inches tire.
  • Club Car:  A non-lifted club car should comply with any all-terrain tire that comes with the measurement of 18x8-8 inches or 18x8-10 inches. With a lift kit, it should fit with any 20x10-10 inches or 20x10-12 inches tire.
  • Yamaha: A non-lifted cart should fit with any 18x8-8 inches or 18x8-10 inches tire. A lifted Yamaha cart should fit with any 2x10-10 inches or 20x10-12 inches tire. 

Final words

While choosing a golf cart tire or wheel, it is always essential to learn the basics. If you have read this article, you should get a little glimpse of the basics of a golf cart tire and wheel.

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